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Ian Thomas Malone hosts the popular podcast Estradiol Illusions, which covers entertainment, politics, and LGBTQ issues. Since EI covers so many different topics, we thought it would be helpful to list the episodes here by category. As a transgender woman, Ian often speaks about her transition on a personal level both in trans-themed episodes and in our general interest selections.

Episode links will take you directly to the episode page for our source feed. Estradiol Illusions is available on every major podcast platform such as Apple, Google, & Stitcher. Episode titles are followed by their release number and a tidbit of relevant information.




On the Subject of Gay Dumbledore #16 (featuring Colin George-Babb)

Phase Four of the MCU #35 (featuring ManuclearBomb)

13 Reasons Why Season 3 #40 (featuring Colin George-Babb)

The Beauty of Magikarp #42 (featuring Thomas Hankins)

Downton Abbey #45 (solo show, movie analysis)

David Frei, Host of the National Dog Show #47

Therese Plummer, Actor & Audiobook Narrator #49

Watchmen #52 (featuring Clint, analysis of the TV series)

Crisis on Infinite Earths #53 (featuring Ed Carroll, analysis of the CW crossover)

Sundance Spotlight: Danny's Girl #56 (featuring director Emily Wilson & star Danny Dikel)

Sundance Spotlight: Anthony Willis, composer of Promising Young Woman #57

Sundance Spotlight: Nathan Barr, composer of Uncle Frank #58

Sundance Wrap Up #59 (featuring Michelle Jaworski)

13 Reasons Why Season Four #64 (solo show)

Sam Feder, director of Disclosure #67

Queen of the Capital #68 (featuring director Josh Davidsburg & star Muffy Blake Stephyns)

Steve Markle, director of Shoot to Marry #69

Wonder #73 (featuring director Javier Molina & writer/star Gabriel Furman)

JK Rowling & the Future of Fantastic Beasts #75 (solo show)

Jack & Yaya #76 (featuring directors Jen Bagley & Mary Hewey, as well as stars Jack & Yaya)

Everybody Wants Some!! #80 (solo show)

Jasper Mall #88 (featuring directors Bradford Thomason & Brett Wittcomb)

Michael Hurst #89

No Ordinary Man #93 (featuring directors Chase Joynt & Aisling Chin-Yee & writer Amos Mac)

Sidney Flanigan #94

Mark Nelson. Biosphere 2 #97

Candis Cayne #99

The Slutcracker #101 (featuring creator Vanessa White, performer Jolie LaVie, stage crew Rae Mansfield, & makeup artist Sparklle T.)

The Last Blockbuster #102 (featuring Blockbuster store manager Sandi Harding, film director Taylor Morden, and writer/producer Zeke Kamm)

Rudolph: A Transgender Perspective #105 (solo show)

The Year Without a Santa Claus #106 (featuring Barbara "Bibble" Malone)

St. Elsewhere's Transgender Storyline #109 (featuring Jessica Halem)

Nomi Ruiz, star of Haymaker #115

Zackary Drucker, director of Lady and the Dale #116

Sundance Series: Doublespeak #117 (featuring director Hazel McKibbin & star Angela Wong Carbone)

Sundance Series: GNT #118 (featuring filmmakers Sara Hirner & Rosemary Vasquez-Brown)

Sundance Series: The Fourfold #119 (featuring filmmaker Alisi Telegnut)

Sundance Series: Weirdo Night #120 (featuring director Mariah Garnett & star Jibz Cameron)

Sundance Series: Hive #121 (featuring director Blerta Basholli)

Sundance Series: Son of Monarchs #122 (featuring cinematographer Alejandro Mejía)

LGBTQ (note: interviews with LGBTQ filmmakers are listed in Film & TV)


Transition on Your Own Terms #1 (first episode, solo show)

The State of Transgender Rights in the U.K. #12 (featuring Dr. Adrian Harrop)

Transgender Storytime: Alcohol & Transitioning #17 (solo show)

A Conversation with Katelyn Burns #19

Transgender Storytime: Let's Talk About Feelings #23 (solo show)

A Pride Month Celebration of Joel Schumacher's Batman & Robin #20 (featuring Tarabelle)

The State of Transgender Rights in New Zealand #28 (featuring Cate Spice)

Gender Critical Ideology with Cosy Snarker #30 (parody)

Transgender Storytime: Tushies & Body Positivity #36 (solo show)

A Conversation with Andrea James #38

Transgender Storytime: The Scent of a Woman #43 (solo show)

Transgender Storytime: Thoughts Before Surgery #46 (solo show)

Transgender Storytime: Post Surgery Reflections #50 (solo show)

Legal Analysis of the Supreme Court LGBTQ Ruling #66 (featuring Colin Kalmbacher)

Dr. Jen Manion, author of Female Husbands #71

Sahm Flinehan, Obsessive Transphobe & Comedy Writer #72 (parody)

Beau Dyess, Prodigal Butch #78 (featuring Beau Dyess)

Transgender Storytime: One Wand to Rule Them All #79 (solo show)

Legal Analysis of Trump's Anti-LGBTQ HHS Rule #82 (featuring Carl Charles)

Lendale Johnson, Professional Tennis Player & Actor #83

Amanda Jetté Knox #87

Menstruation, from Movement to Moment #114 (featuring Dr. Inga T. Winkler & A.J. Lowik)

Game of Thrones/ASOIAF


Game of Thrones Season 8 Preview #3 (panel featuring Jinx Lierre, Clint of Laws of Ice and fire, and Michael aka Bookshelfstud)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap (Episode 1) #6 (panel featuring Michelle Jaworski, Clint, and Joe Magician)

The Women of ASOIAF/Game of Thrones #7 (featuring Chloe of Girls Gone Canon)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap (Episode 2) #8 (panel featuring Alexandra August, Clint, and Sam Adolfo)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap (Episode 3) #9 (panel featuring D.F. Lovett, Johnny Kolasinski, and Rohanne aka girl_hag)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap (Episode 4) #10 (panel featuring Alexandra August, Clint, and Thomas Hankins)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap (Episode 5) #13 (panel featuring Thomas Hankins, Clint, and Sam Adolfo)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap (Episode 6) #14 (panel featuring Alexandra August, Clint, and Michelle Jaworski)

Game of Thrones Season 8 Review #15 (featuring Clint)

Stannis Baratheon in the North #22 (featuring Jim McGeehin)

A Storm of Dragonstone #34 (featuring Rohanne)

The Peaches of Renly Baratheon #54 (featuring Sam of the Rainbow Guard)

ASOIAF Data Science & Network Theory #96

TTTE & Chill (recaps of classic Thomas the Tank Engine VHS collections. All episodes featuring Tarabelle)


Thomas Gets Tricked #31

James Learns a Lesson #37

Tenders & Turntables #41

Thomas Breaks the Rules #51

Better Late Than Never #62

Trust Thomas #63

Thomas Gets Bumped #74

Thomas, Percy & the Dragon #77

Daisy #81

James Goes Buzz Buzz #86

Thomas' Snowy Surprise #104

Thomas and the Magic Railroad #112

Star Trek


Revisiting Star Trek: Voyager's Threshold #24 (featuring Alexandra August)

Exploring Star Trek: Voyager #61 (featuring Robert L. Lively)

Star Trek: The Pon Farr #108 (featuring Johnny Kolasinski, Dr. Jackson Vane, Dr. Courtney Nicholas, and Dr. Greg Winter)

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode Analysis (all episodes solo)


Episode One #91

Episode Two #92

Episode Three #95

Episode Four #98

Episode Five #100

Episode Six #103

Episode Seven #107

Episode Eight #110

Season Two Review #111



Impeachment #2 (released at the time of the Mueller Report's release, well before the House's actual impeachments)

Talking Gravel 2020 with Adriel Hampton #29

Progressive Politics with Natalie Holme Elsberg #33

Shahid Buttar, Democratic Primary Challenger to Nancy Pelosi fo CA-12 #39

James Ellars, Democratic Candidate for CA-08 #48

Vote Joe Biden & 2020 Senate Analysis #90 (record in October, 2020)



The Fall of Sega (Part 1) #4 (featuring Spencer Scott Holmes)

The Fall of Sega (Part 2) #5 (featuring Spencer Scott Holmes)

The Panasonic 3DO #11 (featuring Rachel Presser)

The Nintendo 64 # 21 (featuring Christian Montalvo)

In Defense of the Wii U #32 (featuring Spencer Scott Holmes)

Animal Crossing: New Horizons #85 (featuring Natty Strange)


Every Ride at Disneyland Ranked (Part One) #25 (featuring Tarabelle)

Every Ride at Disneyland Ranked (Part Two) #26 (featuring Tarabelle)

Every Ride at Disneyland Ranked (Part Three) #27 (featuring Tarabelle)

Star Wars - Galaxy's Edge #44 (featuring Tarabelle)

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride #55 (featuring Tarabelle)

Rise of the Resistance #60 (featuring Tarabelle)

Splash Mountain #70 (solo show)

Disneyland AP Cancellation Analysis #113 (solo show)



Remembering Chuck Mosley #18 (featuring Doug Esper)

Teraj - Singer, Travel Host & Entertainer #65

Heather Reid, Musician & Cofounder of The Murmurs #84

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