Game of Thrones Season 8 Recap (Episode 5)

The bells are ringing on a toasty day in King's Landing! Join host Ian Thomas Malone and special guests Sam Adolfo, Thomas Hankins, and Clint of Laws of Ice and Fire as we break down all the special (and sad) moments of episode five. Varys learns a powerful lesson about passing notes in class and Daenerys brings the heat in a delightful episode full of beautiful cinematography and a smiling Euron. All of that and a whole lot of laughter as we celebrate the penultimate episode of the series.


You can find our guests at:

Sam - @kinda_cool (Twitter) & @kindacoolsometimes (Instagram)

Thomas  - @thankin41 (Twitter) & @thankins41 (Instagram)

Clint - @clintw@WesterosLaw & Laws of Ice & Fire

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