Shahid Buttar, Democratic Primary Challenger to Nancy Pelosi for CA-12

Join host Ian Thomas Malone as she interviews Shahid Buttar, who is currently challenging Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi for a seat in Congress representing the twelfth district of California. Shahid has made a career of speaking truth to power, as an attorney with a long career in civil rights fighting for LGBTQ equality, immigrant rights, and First Amendment protections, among many others. Throughout a wide-ranging conversation, Shahid explains how his roots in progressive activism have prepared him for elected office. Primary challenges are always an uphill battle, but Shahid is a candidate with a proven track record advocating for the causes he’s centered his campaign around.


To learn more about Shahid’s campaign or to lend your support, visit the ShahidForChange campaign website. You can also follow his campaign account, @ShahidForChange on Twitter, as well as his personal feed, @Sheeyahshee.

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