TTTE & Chill: James Learns a Lesson

Grab your newspaper and your leather bootlace! Estradiol Illusions returns to the Island of Sodor, covering the seminal VHS collection James Learns a Lesson. Everyone’s favorite red engine duels the selfish yet smartly dressed man, fending off threats of dysphoric blue paint from Sir Topham Hatt. As the title suggests, we learn a lot of lessons along the way, such as the value of not getting steam all over your boss, or filling up your boiler with fish from a bucket with five holes. Put on your snowplow, it’s time for a race.

This collection includes the following episodes:

1. James Learns a Lesson
2. Foolish Freight Cars
3. A Proud Day for James 
4. Thomas and the Conductor
5. Thomas Goes Fishing
6. Terence the Tractor
7. Thomas and Bertie's Great Race


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Photo credit: The Britt Allcroft Company

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